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New Horizons is a program that provides musical experiences for adults, open to beginning and experienced musicians of all levels.There are no auditions. Members enjoy rehearsing, playing, singing and performing with others in bands, small ensembles, orchestras and/or a chorus. The Eastman-Rochester New Horizons program was founded by Roy Ernst in 1990 and is affiliated with the Eastman Community Music School. 


Making good music is a goal but equally important is just having fun and socializing with interesting people.

A Dream Come True
Elaine Miller

Can a girl be a percussionist? Sixty years ago I was told no.  Instead, this fifth grade girl was steered to the violin. Which was ok, but I secretly dreamed of trumpets and drums.  


Fast forward sixty years. As I neared retirement, a friend introduced me to New Horizons. I could learn an instrument from scratch.  And I chose, of course, the drums.  Read my story here.

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Want to add some music in your life?

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The Eastman-Rochester New Horizons Program can help your musical dreams come true. Tailored for seniors, but open to all, Click on the  Contact Us page, send us a message and we'll help you get started.

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