Covid Response

Great News! After rehearsing virtually this past year, New Horizons ensembles will resume in-person rehearsals at the First Unitarian Church in September 2021. All members and those interested in joining New Horizons should register now.

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In the News

New Horizons story on WXXI AM News by Daniel J. Kushner, Sep 29,2021

New Horizons story in City Newspaper.  Sep. 29, 2021

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One of the world's great music schools, ESM has a wide variety of musical degree programs but it also promotes music education in the larger community through its Community Music Department.


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ECMS is the arm of ESM that sponsors music education for all ages in the Rochester area.  One of its programs, aimed at seniors, is the New Horizons music program.


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While New Horizons music started in Rochester, it has spread to hundreds of other cities worldwide. The umbrella organization over all these individual programs is the New Horizons International Music Association.


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