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Listen to Green Band play "The Big Mambo"

Green Band


Directors: Priscilla Brown and  Debbie Parker
Wednesday, 9:00 a.m.–11:00  a.m.

Location: First Unitarian Church,

220 Winton Rd. S., Rochester, NY, Gilbert Hall

For information on tuition and registration, see ECMS

New Horizons Green Band (Beginner Band) is designed for beginning instrumentalists, for those wishing to refresh instrumental skills, or for those making instrument changes. No previous experience is necessary and true beginners (can’t even put an instrument together) are welcome. Different rehearsal space is provided for both the true beginners and those with minimal experience.  Members need to provide their own instruments, music stands, and purchase some beginning books.

Members of the New Horizons Symphonic and Concert Bands are welcome to register and perform alongside of Green Band at no extra cost.

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