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Eastman-Rochester New Horizons (ERNH) Email Policy


To enable Eastman-Rochester New Horizons communication with members concerning matters pertaining to the program and its ensembles, members have been requested to provide an email address. Those addresses are included on the roster of members of the various music ensembles (collectively, the “Roster Email Addresses”). However, members have expressed their desire to limit emails. Therefore, the Website Committee in coordination with the Program Council has established the following policy regarding use of the Roster Email Addresses for communications to all or subset groups of ERNH members.


  1. Group emails using the Roster Email Addresses shall only be used for communicating information that directly pertains to Eastman Rochester New Horizons or the rehearsals, performances or activities of an ERNH ensemble.

  2. For privacy purposes, group emails using members’ Roster Email Addresses shall be sent using the blind copy function.

  3. The Website Committee shall maintain the Roster Email Addresses.

  4. Group email communications using the Roster Email Addresses from the website shall only be used by the Program Council Chair(s) or the Website Committee.

  5. Access may be given to a Program Representative of an Eastman Rochester New Horizons ensemble with the approval of the Program Council Chair(s) or Website Committee. Upon such approval, the Website Committee shall create a special page for the Program Representative giving access only to his/her ensemble members’ emails. The email should pertain directly to the rehearsals, performances or activities of the Program Representative’s ensemble.

Adopted by the Program Council, July 09 2023

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