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Play It Forward

Mission: To enable school children to reach their full potential through music education.

Music education engages children in the creative joy of making music. It also teaches the benefits of self-discipline and teamwork while enhancing the learner’s capacity and motivation for academic achievement.

Photo Aug 06, 2 49 19 PM.jpg

The eight students that received PIF scholarships for the ECMS Adventure Music Camp in 2021


Thank you again for helping my child attend Eastman Adventure camp this year. On the last day it was great to see how much they had learned in such a short time. We loved that our child made new friends, learned new music, new instruments, worked with different groups, ensembles and different leaders/directors all while having fun. I think this program encourages all the right things and sets the kids up for success going into the next school year. Thank you, we appreciate you! - Parent Statement

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New Horizons volunteers strive to achieve its mission by:

  • Providing tuition scholarships for private music lessons at Eastman Community Music School (ECMS) for Rochester City students 

  • Preparing students for competitive auditions for programs such as School of the Arts and the Eastman School of Music Pathways Scholarship Program 

  • Funding tuition scholarships for the ECMS Adventure Music Camp during the summer

Students at the Adventure Music Camp learning Balinese gamelan music.

Photo Aug 06, 3 25 40 PM.jpg

Students at the Adventure Music Camp practicing movement.

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More PIF Pictures

PIF sponsored these three students at ECMS Adventure Music Camp. Shown with Bill Tiberio, one of the camp instructors.


At the end of the camp, the students play a concert in Kilbourn Hall.


RCSD School 15 music students visited a New Horizons band rehearsal.


They joined the New Horizons players for rehearsing one piece.

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