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Eastman - Rochester New Horizons Music
The Birthplace of New Horizons.  Founded in 1991 by Dr. Roy Ernst, Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY
Member Profile
Mike Doolin:  Trumpet
I started playing trumpet in 4th grade. Over the years I got pretty good. Then in 11th grade I got tossed out of high school and shortly thereafter I was in the Navy. That pretty much ended my musical career. I think this all happened back around the Civil War. Maybe earlier. In any case it was a very long time ago. (Eventually I redeemed myself with a grad degree in writing, but that’s another story).

In mid-2016 I had knee surgery and was mostly immobile for some weeks while the flattened Jenny beer cans installed in my new knee healed. To help pass the time, one of my four daughters bought me a ukulele. I never learned to play it well, but it reminded me of how much I liked music all those years ago. I discovered ECMS, dug out my 1960-era horn, and had it reconditioned. I joined the Green Band in March 2017 and started taking lessons from a grad student at ESM. Fall 2018 I joined the Concert Band.

In addition to keeping busy with music, I teach at both RIT and MCC, have a small wood jewelry business, still do some freelance writing, and travel as much as time and $$ allow. I’m also on the Board of the Rochester MakerSpace (www.makerspacerochester.org). My wife & I have a Certified Therapy Dog named Millie that we take to nursing homes, hospitals, schools and libraries. And three kitties that like to remind us at 4 in the morning that our prime purpose in life is to keep them amused and entertained.

And….as I write this, once again, I am on the right side of the grass! Life is good.