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Eastman - Rochester New Horizons Music
The Birthplace of New Horizons.  Founded in 1991 by Dr. Roy Ernst, Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY
Corona Page:  Please feel free to email me anything you would like to contribute to this page.
More specifics to follow.
Steve Whitman email:  stevewhitman27@gmail.com
Practice YouTube Play along Video Links:
Click on the picture to view the Salut Salon Video.  Wonderful performance.
Click on the picture to view Tierney's Wonderful Class.
Corona Concerts  
I have been playing concerts on my deck for the neighbors twice a week.  I am reading the music from Four Score on my iPad. I have audio recordings of all the tunes that I play, either from CDs loaded in my iTunes or recordings I make from YouTube videos.  My equipment set up is pictured below. 
JBL Bluetooth Speakers
The speakers are connected to my iPad via Bluetooth.  The audio recording is linked to the sheet music through the Four Score app installed on the iPad.  An action button is installed on the page which starts the recording, and away you go.  

For those of you that have iPads and are using Four Score, give it a try.  I can help you if you want.

If your reading paper sheet music you can still play along to recordings that you drive through your usual audio device.  Bluetooth speakers of some sort are needed to amplify.

This setup is totally portable, all battery powered, play anywhere, anytime.   
Alexa Tarantino: ESM Jazz Sax Graduate 
Alexa is a recent ESM jazz sax who is gaining international fame.  She is performing live online concerts on a regular basis.  Click on her picture to go to her website for more information.  I would recommend that you sign up to get on her email list to receive updates from her directly.  A truly lovely person, not only a great jazz sax, but she is an awesome singer.  She performed at the Downstairs Caberet Theater many times as part of the Grove Place Jazz Project while she was a student.  
Sophia Han and Zach Stern performing Summertime.  Click on the picture to go to the site.
Submitted by: Sue Ames
Submitted by: Elaine Miller
Submitted by: Elaine Miller
Submitted by: Paula Sousa
Submitted by: Peter Webster and Richard Tagliari
Angela has been nourishing our NH family with her awesome cookies for years.  Now she has a new receipt:  Corona Masks.  Thank you again, Angela for all of your thoughtfulness. 

Angela washed all masks before they were bagged and has not left her home nor opened the door to anyone. I think it's safe to say you can safely wear them whenever you are ready to venture out. When in your area, I will call with an estimated drop off time.

Despite the Corona virus, when it feels like everything is off the rails, "nature stays on tract"! Bring a small pot or baggie to my car and help yourself to a pansy plant from the six-packs on my back seat. In the coming days, allow their sweet little faces to brighten your day and inspire you to think positively until we once again experience the joy of making New Horizons music together. Looking forward to seeing you all and to borrow Roy Ernst's mail closing . . .

Angela's Homemade Masks
Louis  and Danny "Saints Go Marching In"
submitted by Sue Ames
Bird Dance Video
submitted by Priscilla Brown
Play Along You Tube Videos:  Battle of the Triplets:  Click on picture to go to You Tube video.  
Play Along You Tube Videos:   To slow the video down so that you can keep up, click on the dots in upper right hand corner of video, drop down menu select "Playback Speed".  Pick the speed that you desire. 
Driveway Art:  by Elaine Miller 
Thanks for the tubamask Angela!  The combination of the mask and my Corona eating shark hat should keep me safe.